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Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is an investment instrument consisting of a pool of funds collected from many large and small investors for investing in securities such as stocks, bonds…

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Fixed Income

Fixed-Income securities are debt instruments that pay a fixed amount of interest to investors . It may be monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually or cumulative.

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Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB)

SGBs are securities issued by Reserve bank of India on behalf of Government of India. They are denominated in grams of gold & are good substitutes to physical gold.

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Portfolio Management Services are professionally managed by a team of equity & debt market experts to create extraordinary..

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Equity Broking

Many of our clients trade directly in stock markets. We help our clients in opening the Demat account by which they can directly..

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Insurance plans are beneficial to anyone looking to protect their family, assets/property and themselves from financial risk/losses.

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SIP Calculator

An SIP Calculator Allows us to estimate the return on mutual fund investments made through SIP. They are designed to give potential investors an idea about how their investments will grow over a specified period of time.

Education Calculator

Child Education Planning Calculator is an easy-to-use tool for calculating the future cost of a child’s higher education.

Marriage Calculator

The child’s marriage planning calculator uses the concept of future value to calculate the accumulated corpus at the child’s age of marriage.

EMI Calculator

EMI calculators give a fair understanding about the ratio of the principal amount to the interest due, based on the loan tenure and interest rates.

Lumpsum Calculator

Lumpsum investment or one-time investment is a style of investment in which you invest once (lumpsum).

Retirement Calculator

A retirement calculator is a tool that allows you to figure out how much money you will need for your life after you retire from paid, active work.


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