Portfolio Management Services are professionally managed by a team of equity & debt market experts to create extraordinary wealth that satisfies the investment objectives of high-net-worth investors. The portfolio manager aims at delivering maximum returns depending on one’s risk appetite.   We offer a range of third-party PMS run by various AMC’s and Broking houses.

Some of the advantages of PMS are

  • It offers complete transparency related to all the transactions & fee structure.
  • It has disciplined approach for maximising the risk adjusted returns.
  • Portfolio is actively monitored 24 X 7 to maximise the profits.
  • It offers High Risk to reward ratio.

The portfolio manager has a free hand to take investment decisions on their high-conviction equities without the regulatory and operational constraints that come with a mutual fund portfolio and take advantage of market opportunities in smaller and newer companies with high growth potential.

The minimum initial ticket size of PMS is Rs. 50 Lacs.